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To open extra platform using the Internet. To involve people, to raise up the intention to protect the nature among school children, young people and older generation, to tell about the natural reserves and the members of flora and fauna dwelling there.


‘Green’ , natural design, ‘live’ slider help a visitor to feel like he is in the middle of natural reserve. Russian-speaking and English-speaking versions of the site are designed to exclude language barriers when visitors want to solitude with the nature.




Internal pages…

… amaze visitors by the beauty of landscape photos, photos of  birds and animals, and make people think about ecology and the protection of nature. Informative and edifying publications emphasize visual effect. There are scientific articles, chronicles of the nature and other interesting stuff of the national natural reserve.

As a result…

the richness of greenery, the photos of animals, which are so close, immerse users in the world of  love to the nature, ecology, pure forests and rivers. It seems like the animals can come to us through the monitor right now.

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