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To tell about trainings, to involve the heads of companies who want to train their subordinates. There was a web site but it was necessary to redesign it. There was much information, but it was not structured good enough. It is important to tell why people need trainings and how their lives will change after trainings.


To develop the website for Pro-Active full service agency in the way that the site inspires and motivates for life improvement. Pro-Active agency arranges many trainings aimed at different things therefore it is important to structure them properly foe easy and convenient search.


The slider which attracts attention, the menu made in the shape of  blocks representing different kinds of service, large photos, video responses on the main page make the project unique and interesting.


Internal pages

In  “Trainings”  section  there are groups of trainings and the names of trainings of each group. Here one may also see prices and duration of trainings. In order to get detailed information one should click the link with the name of the training. On the page of chosen training the user gets all course details: what is the purpose, who will find it useful, which objectives will be achieved, who leads the training, its methods and the detailed description of all course blocks.

If one liked the work of the certain trainer, one does not need to search all the trainings in order to find the trainer. One just should go to “Trainers” section, find the trainer and read which courses he leads.

Result is the main thing in trainings!

In the end the customer has got bright, cheerful and inspiring design. The web site leaps to the eye and gives detailed information about agency services. Result is the main thing in trainings! And we think that we reached all the goals!


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