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To increase sales by means of online store, to form target audience and find new clients in the Internet.


To design the online store of  auto parts and consumable goods with the help of marketing tools and the promotion of sales. Three basic colors ( red, black and white) are used on the site. They are the most popular auto colors which suit the site perfectly. Also, there are fast-moving consumer goods on the main page.




Internal pages…

…match categories of goods with detailed descriptions. Fodon is the online store with several nesting levels, e.g. Category of goods (e.g. oils)-Brand (e.g. Castrol)-A single item. There is price and the button to add an item to an electronic shopping cart on each page, therefore one do not need to turn back to previous pages and search for an item again.

To the cart!

The main purpose of any online store is to sell goods. Red color stimulate sales and arise the desire to buy. The main thing is to make a person buy carefully, to make one not to shutdown the site after one has added items to the electronic shopping cart but make a person place the order. And we did it.


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