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To sell Korean cosmetics online, to deliver it to Russian cities. To redesign the previous version of the site. A new site should become more convenient and meet all requirements for an online store.


The redesigning meets all recent requirements of  web development. The site possesses high quality functionality. There is a convenient navigation: one can add a selected item in an electronic shopping cart from the page where categories of goods are placed or from that one where there are goods themselves.


The online store is designed in gentle colors, lilac and turquoise were used. This color scheme relaxes a user and makes one feel as if he has already used Mizon  nourishing face mask.

Prototype is the basis of the site

Working on an online store, or any other project, that may seem easy at first, it is important to prototype pages properly. Having seen completed prototype, a customer imagines how the site will look like in the future. When one has not got design yet, it is better and easier to build all functionality in details, not paying much attention to outlook.


Internal pages

On the internal pages a customer can see the catalog. The variety of face, hair and decorative cosmetics… The convenient sidebar helps to filter necessary goods according to categories or brands.

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Add to electronic shopping cart!

The main goal of an online store is selling goods. The site created with different marketing tools makes people buy. Telling about goods, giving descriptions we gradually make a person buy. The buttons “buy” are placed where people are ready to click them and, as a result, make a purchase.

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