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Graphic design

“Make it attractive”

It is impossible to create a corporate or personal site without web design. Graphic design is the cover of the site, its layout, its style and attractiveness. It is design that causes the style of the site. Thanks to design, the user who hardly searched the content (services descriptions, articles, etc.) can realize what kind of site he deals with: the corporate site of a big company, entertainment portal or the site of restaurant chain. Colorful schemes, the sharpness of lines, the style of elements are those design tools that work along with the structure of the site and fulfill its main purpose – to arise customer’s interest and sell the product.


A logo makes a company familiar and different from many others. Moreover, human consciousness perceives signs, symbols, emblems better than textual name of a company. Logo for a company is the same thing as passport photo for a person. We always want our faces to look attractive in the main document. Similarly, a company logo should be appealing and emphasize company image. To create a logo is an important task where one should take into account user’s color sense, shape, styles and methods of designing. That is better to entrust such work to professionals. A logo should be unique, easy or remember, unusual and, at least a bit associative. You can order a logo in Khabarovsk by just clicking the button below.

Corporate design

A well-thought corporate design of a company is its great marketing cover. Even a delicious sweet needs a wrapper. And if the wrapper is ideal even a person who does not eat sweets will taste it. How to make a corporate style attracting for your clients? We will help!

A corporate color usually defines a corporate style. While creating corporate design it is necessary to remember about influence of color on perception. You should know for sure which emotions you want visitors to express and what the color means. Corporate design is formed by many things: logo, trade mark, slogan, font. All these things make your company unique.

Brand books and guidelines

If your company has a company design, you should have a brand book. Brand book is the description of company values and its explanation for a customer. Guideline is a set of rules of corporate design where there is an instruction for signs, logos, fonts usage. Moreover, an electronic source is attached for polygraphy and marketing department. This is necessary that all elements of your corporate design may be viewed in any format without any defects. A guideline may be a part of the brand book or a separate document. When a company has these two documents, all elements are in one style that is considered to be a good taste. Brand is an image of your company which works for you. Clients value brands and choose your company instead of competitors because your clients trust you. Brand building is a wise decision for a company.