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Business process automation

What is business process automation

No business can operate without a well-thought-out business process automation (BPA). In order to control everything one should use Customer Relationship Management (CRM-systems) in a company. CRM counts your current and potential clients and also marks leads (people who want to know more about your company services). Why is it necessary? Because calling leads you are likely to find new clients. But the most important advantage of BPA and CRM systems is that one may link a task and a client. E.g. you can set the task “call in two weeks” , etc. Thus you will not miss anything and will control all processes.

Who needs business process automation

Everybody needs it. It does not matter whether you have big or small business. Even if your company has not got many clients yet and you know all of them by their names, it is still worth thinking about BPA in advance. The matter is that you surely want to increase the turnover of the company and expand its client base, don’t you?  If it so, that is better to do it gradually, not when you have already had over a hundred clients. Moreover, even in a small company it is impossible to remember all clients who have called you and send them your offers later.

The main purpose of CRM-systems is to increase the effectiveness of working process aimed at involving customers and keeping their interest in any sphere: marketing, sales, service, etc. CRM-systems have some peculiarities.

The advantages of  CRM-systems are obvious. (Преимущества CRM-систем налицо, и онИ явно прослеживаются – исправьте опечатку на сайте). First of all, all the information in clients base has a clear structure. The process of searching and getting the definite contact has become faster. Having found the contact, one may see all attached tasks: calls, meetings, messages…

Secondly, there is all information about a company and its workers in the system.  It is easy to note who was absent. Moreover, there is a CD where all company files are kept in CRM system.

Thirdly, as for sales, all transactions are registered in the system with the notes of their status. As a result, it easy to calculate profit of current month or year. And finally CRM is an automatic reporting system which will help you to create reports, to manage operations, goods, customers by means of using filters.

But the most important advantage is, of course, the improvement of client service, minimization of human factor and possibility to process big data in the shortest possible time.