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To develop Parijanka online store of  woman lingerie and swimwear. The site should comprise femininity and some kind of mystery. There should be the option to choose the color and size of the item and add it to an electronic shopping cart.


The project is designed in burgundy color that makes it graceful, piquant and mysterious. This site, like wine, befuddle and captivate a person by means of the rich color and the beauty of female forms dressed in sift laces and lingerie. The web site looks rich. It makes the user feel the mood and charm of  Paris.


Prototype is the basis of the project

Working on an online store or any other project which seem easy at the first side, it is important to prototype pages carefully. After seeing the prototype, the customer realizes how his web site will look like in future. That is easier to think functionality over when one has not got design yet because nothing distracts attention from it.


But what is inside?

On the internal pages the user sees the catalog itself. The variety of colors, models, brands. And of course, there is visualizing- the lingerie on models. Convenient sidebar helps to filter desirable goods due to price, color, size and brand.

To the cart!

The main goal of an online store is selling goods. The site created with different marketing tools makes people buy. Telling about goods, giving descriptions we gradually make a person buy. The buttons “buy” are placed where people are ready to click them and, as a result, make a purchase.


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